LH Quality

In all cultures and throughout history hair has had a special significance. Hair is a natural human beauty accessory and is full of symbolic importance as a means of personal expression.

Hair is chemically composed of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and sulphur. The main constituent of hair is keratin, a scleroprotein that has great chemical resistance and mechanical strength.

The origins of damage to the hair structure lie mainly in external influences, which can be of mechanical (combing extreme brushing..), chemical ( bleaches,dyes,perms.) or physical ( heat from hairdryer, intensive exposure to sun..) reasons.

Therefore the hair is depending on various modulation for its quality.

LH Extensions is prudent to only choose the best raw hair for our Extensions. Not only the choice of the hairquality is essentiell,also the precise workmanship, the handling of material, maschine and dyers in order to meet the hight quality requirments of LH Extenions.

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